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Die hier aufgeführten Studentinnen und Studenten wurden vom Vorstand unser ruandischen Partnerorganisation selbst auf der Basis von zwei Kriterien ausgewählt:  Besonderes Engagement für das „Rwanda Village Concept Project“ sowie finanzielle Bedürftigkeit. Sie garantieren für die Richtigkeit dieser Angaben. Letztes Update: 22.02.2018


  Concorde T.

  • Year of birth: 1994
  • Study field:  General Medicine
  • Contact: tuyisengec@gmail.com
  • Date of exam: August 2019

My level of studies is 3rd year of general medicine at University of Rwanda. From my childhood people are still dying continuously in my community and suffering from diseases. For my hand, it is possible to create hope and help many people to improve their standard of living. I am putting an effort in my studies and volunteering in community activities through Rwanda Village Concept Project work to approach people. That is why I like to debate and reading books out of my studies to be more knowledgeable so that I will help many people to be healthy.

Emmanuel M.

  • Year of birth: 1993
  • Study field:  General Medicine
  • Contact:  mashyakafrica@gmail.com
  • Date of exam: August 2019

I am currently studying General medicine in 3rd year at University of Rwanda. I was born in a rural area with many health problems and underprivileged families. I know it is in my duty to create positive change and play a key role in my community development by working directly with people. Rwanda Village Concept Project is giving me the opportunities to express my influence through educating, communicating and sharing with people having various health problems and vulnerable families. When I am not in my studies or involving with RVCP work, I like to read different books, swimming and volunteering in community outreach activities.

Yvette N.  profile_Yvette

  •  Year of birth: 1998
  • Study field: General medicineContact: ynkurunziza1@gmail.com
  • Date of exam: August 2021



I am a medical student in year two at the University of Rwanda. I was born in a rural village and I get to see challenges there. After identifying different health challenges in my community, I took the initiative to be a volunteer in Rwanda VCP. RVCP has been my way of having a positive impact in my community by raising awareness on diseases sharing ideas to what’s best for our lives. Beyond my studies and RVCP, I am a volleyball player, I am a Girl Guide, I love nature and reading books. Blessings!

Charles U. profile_Charles



When a teenager experience unwanted pregnancy, usually is the beginning of her struggles and life without purpose. I’m passionate and devoted my life to making researches and advocate for teenagers who got unwanted pregnancies. This is rooted from the case of my sister. I struggled to make her not loose hope and continue her studies. Fortunately, Her outstanding performances set a new benchmark. Their success is contingent upon our support. Currently I’m HIV prevention program director where I deal with these issues daily.  My hobbies are jogging, playing volleyball and most importantly being in quite environment like forests for deep-thinking and fresh air. I can’t change the direction of wind but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination’’.

Eric M. profile_Eric


I’m Eric, a second year medical student interested in underprivileged community empowerment. I was raised in a rural area with inadequate assesses to healthcare services and education; this caused me to grow up with an intention of using my skills to impact my community positively. Am doing this by volunteering in Rwanda VCP where I empower villagers with basic healthcare education and participate in rural development oriented activities. I like performing acrobatic sport together with friends as it keeps us healthy

Emmanuel I.profile_Emmanuel


I am Emmanuel, 24 years old. I am a medical student year 4 at University of Rwanda and I am expecting to finish my medical school in 2019; I am doing General Medicine.  I do like medicine because I need to help people who are in need, especially patients. Particularly, I want do like Neurosurgery and Neurosurgical doctors are so few in my country and many patients die due to this shortage health care professionals; especially children. I need to contribute to the development of my country through this service. Beyond Medicine, I am interested in volunteering in community but I do meet difficulties in this because I am on orphan living alone; my hobbies are watching and playing football, white color is my preference, slow music, I do love peace and helping people who are in need.

Protogene N.profile_Protogene



I am a 2nd Year Pharmacy student at University of Rwanda, passionate in community health promotion.  I always strive for a healthy community with all basic needs, hope and freedom of expressing ideas, both men and women. I joined RVCP at the campus, because it is an association which surely meet my wishes of playing my part in development of underprivileged community, to reach the standard of living I dreamt. I like reading books and writing in order to be well equipped while is serving the people.

Jerome N.profile_Jerome




I’m a medical student level 3 at University of Rwanda.  I’m passionate about impacting vulnerable people because I know how hard life is (my daily life experience and my family) and RVCP is in good position to help me to bring this impact. I also believe that prevention is better than cure, good time to impact is today and a good leader is the one who is impact-centered.  The power of volunteerism has empowered me and it ended up being my hobby in addition to reading success stories and playing games with vulnerable kids.